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ROS Research is a market research company that specializes in standard data collection, analysis and consulting services. Our task is to provide comprehensive solutions and complete insight delivery in order to present highly specialized information to enhance end-user understanding.


We Offer

Data Collection

Data Collection ROS Research provides impeccable data collection solutions using various tools and techniques such as: CATI Research (primary research through telephonic Interviews) The traditional and most direct approach to research B2B and B2C markets! We have a state of the art Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) facility with skilled professionals trained in the art […]

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Survey Programming and Data Processing

Survey Programming ROS Research provides advanced survey programming to derive measurable and quantifiable results. Our programming teams use different tools for it, such as Kinesis and ConfirmIT etc. It includes various features such as piping logic, skip patterns, ranking and scaling questions etc. Data Processing: We use advanced research software and platforms such as SAS […]

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Back-End Support

Back-end support: ROS Research provides excellent backend support with facilities such as data coding, transcriptions, translations services and secondary research Data Coding ROS Research provides comprehensive solutions and that’s the reason we offer excellent data coding services to enable the management at the client-end to streamline and interpret the primary research data collected through surveys […]

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08Jan 2018

Jamie Palumbo (Vice-President)

Prior to joining ROS Research, Jamie Palumbo worked as a senior field director with proven success at Lieberman Research Worldwide, one of the top 20 international market research companies in the world at Santa Monica, CA . He has a strong track record in proactively partnering with research teams to ensure projects are bid correctly […]
08Jan 2018

Ashwani Sharma (Managing Director )

Ashwani has around 15 years of experience in primary market research, consulting and outsourcing for clients based in the North America, Europe and APAC region. His diverse experience and global business network are his key strengths that are immensely valuable in helping clients identify business opportunities in markets worldwide, and also in evaluating their current […]