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About ROS Research

ROS Research is a market research company that specializes in standard data collection, analysis and consulting services. Our task is to provide comprehensive solutions and complete insight delivery in order to present highly specialized information to enhance end-user understanding. The high quality maintained by us sharpens your competitive edge and meets your performance needs.

Our aim is not just to provide encapsulated data as most of the market research companies do, rather we study and understand your core business needs and work in accordance to deliver the solutions that meet your most critical challenges. Our value driven and highly customized services are aimed to completely transform your business.

ROS Research is a part of ROS Group, which was established in 2006. Initially, ROS Group started with automobile industry and it has been making a huge impact in this industry as �ROS Automotives� since its inception. In a short span of time, ROS Research has been able to earn accolades from the clients for delivering immensely helpful solutions. In our testimonials, our clients have mentioned our solutions as �RESEARCH OF SUBSTANCE.�

We have been serving different industry verticals such as Telecom, Media, FMCG, Information Technology, Automobile, Energy, Banking & Insurance and Pharmaceuticals etc. If you are looking for a highly professional market research firm based in India that can provide you authentic and customized research data in different regions of the world, such as Asia, Europe, US, Middle East (including China, Taiwan and Singapore etc.), ROS Research should be your first choice.